is there an easy way to see what instances another instance has blocked? thinking of moving and want to make sure I can follow everyone I follow from here

my roomba just somehow managed to dig out my broken mac's power cable... i'm so sorry roomba, i'll try to revive the mac for you

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@woob i hear that adding a particular seabird to the sausage can improve it a lot, but they're expensive to buy

so one of my friends resorted to shoplifting from the butcher shop

they took a tern for the wurst

if tech cos were really serious about getting more women in tech then they'd listen to my plan about sneaking estrogen into all the free office food

....oh my gods I hadn't heard this mix of Everlasting Love since I was a kid, this is an experience I wasn't expecting

cat joined me while playing the organ... wish I had a video as it was adorable, he kept trying to cuddle my hands as I played (but the video would also reveal how bad I am at the organ, so it's for the best)

Debating the merits of closing this instance; registration is closed for the forseeable future

I wish I could mentally picture relative sizes correctly; it would make it easier to rearrange my living room

These speaker stands came in a box with the thickest cardboard I've seen... is this Audiophile Grade

smash that boost button if you fukcing love beijing tiananmen

discovered a major issue with my irssi+screen at work / Textual at home IRC setup... since the screen is always running and is connected to the same bouncer, privmsgs are intercepted and never show up in Textual... ugh

going back into the office tomorrow after a nearly two-week vacation... ah, it was nice while it lasted

are video games art? well it depends on the game. for example, sonic games are art, but games that do not have sonic, are not art

The more I work on this area's graphics, the sillier it looks against the first area's background...

Me: "Hey, Dexter, let's play a game where you pounce at me"
Dexter: "Human, let's play a game where you give me cheese"

guess which game we ended up playing

Uninstalled Steam from my computer, since I never use it, it keeps setting itself to open at login, and now it was crashing on launch 🤷

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